President: Ana Mendez

Republican Women Working Together
to Make a Difference

As a member of the Sacramento Republican Women Federated, you are joining  the largest Republican Women's Group in Sacramento since 1929.  Our goal  is to encourage citizen participation in the political process, work to elect honest fiscally conservative candidates,  who support constitutional rights, and stand for the values and principles that promote independence, freedom and liberty. To  accomplish our mission, we believe in : •Lower taxes •Honesty and integrity in government •Fiscal responsibility in government •Less government intrusion in our lives •Individual freedom and opportunity •Ending government waste •Personal responsibility •Strong national defense.

Regular Members and guests are invited to participate in our mid-day mid-week luncheon or our Evening Club or both!

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As a Federated Club we meet monthly to connect with fellow conservatives. Also, we unite forces with other Republican Organizations in their activities to form a stronger message.  Choose an event, participate, and grow in one of the following National or Statewide Republican Women Federated Activites.

August 8-11, 2021

6555 44th Street, Sacramento, CA 95823.

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