President's February Message

First thank you, Senator Shannon Grove, for swearing in the Board and Directors in January and successfully launching us into 2020! 



This month invite family and friends to meet and hear future Republican candidates that will be on the March 3rd primary ballot.  This is what the Federated Women do best. We help educate our Republican community and help promote candidate’s that advance

Republican moral and values .


This year the Federated celebrates 95 years of history in California and the 100th

anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution.  The

Sacramento Republican Women Federated is the largest Republican Women's group in the Sacramento area since 1929!


We continue to educate women in Republican principles, increase the effectiveness of women in the political cause and are leaders in our community.  Our state is at risk due to the liberal policies of those willing to do anything to gain power. YOU are invited to join the fight in stemming the tide of anti-Americanism! Here are some of the ways to help California to be great again.


Number 1: Join our Club or renew your membership here www.sacramentorwf.org

Number 2: Register and encourage people to vote for the upcoming March 3, 2020

Primary Election.

Number 3: Educate yourself and others on the issues.

Number 4: Speak out within your sphere of influence.


You have the opportunity to be a valuable part in  re-electing President Donald Trump, along with all our other qualified Republican’s candidates running for Office in 2020.


Take time to celebrate your loved ones this Valentine month.


God bless California and our Nation! 


Your SRWF President, Ana Mendez



President's January Message

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Attributed to Edmund Burke

The Federated Women is a National Organization that was formed by hundreds of independent Republican women's clubs who banded together as a Federation in 1938, they adopted political education as one of the fledgling organization's primary objectives. Founder Marion E. Martin set the stage at the first Federation meeting in Chicago: "The reasons for the clubs coming into being originally are twofold -- first, in response to the need that women feel for political education; second, as an avenue of expression of their loyalty to the Republican Party."

Tens of thousands of members strong today, the National Federation of Republican Women is still building its legacy as the "education arm" of the Republican Party. As the late President Ronald Reagan said about the Federated Women, “I want to thank the National Federation of Republican Women for your hard work and dedication. You’ve helped elect thousands of Republicans from across the country.” – Ronald Reagan

The Republican Women Federated is strong because of each one of us desiring to be involved. Your involvement and dedication make our Club strong for all to succeed.

If you would like to join the Sacramento Women Federated go to: MEMBERSHIP


The Sacramento Republican Women Federated SRWF is the largest Republican Women's group in the Sacramento area since 1929! We continue to educate women in Republican principles, Increase the effectiveness of women in the political cause and are leaders in our community. After many training attendees returned home with tools and training to help them grow as successful policymakers, elected officials, campaign managers, politicians, activists, businesswomen and community leaders.

As the newly elected 2020 Sacramento President, I am excited and honored to have been chosen during this historical election year in our Nation. I am grateful for Terri Lyn the outgoing President and all her Board for providing excellent speakers and programs. I would also like to thank the existing Board who have agreed to continue advancing the Republican objectives.  

We are prepared to register people and provide the education necessary for everyone to understand the bills that are before us. As we understand then we can educate our sphere of influence. The Federated Club has several positions from an education legislative chair, an election chair, a communication arm, Caring for America arm, amongst many other positions.

This upcoming election is a pivotal time in the history of America to re-elect our President Donald Trump and all the other Republican candidates in our City, State, and nations.  


My objective for the Club is education. There is power in understanding that your vote counts, as we are educated of the political issues, we will empower other women to vote correctly. Educating women will provide them with the tools to train their family, friends and neighborhood. It’s taking one neighborhood at a time which will change our City! Again, consider joining the Sacramento Republican Women Federated! Here is a link to the application (click here)


 “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”                                   God bless you, Ana Golden-Mendez/SRWF President

For additional assistance, please email membership@sacramentorwf.org or president@sacramentorwf.org
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