FEBRUARY 7 -9, 2020 

Thank you, Federated Republicans, for allowing me, Janet Gardner & Suzanne Jones to attend the Winter Conference in San Diego.  The conference was packed with programs, speakers and workshops all designed to inspire us to “Chart Our Course” for the future.  

Left to Right: CFRW Regional 3 Director Laura Riffle and husband Ed, Region 8 Director Sandy Rains, Region 1 Director Annette De Modena and Region 2 Director Mary Ervin on board the Hornblower Cruise


There were three themes that resonated throughout the Conference.  Proposition 13 in the March and November Ballot. Ernie Dronenburg San Diego Assessor and Jordan Marks Taxpayer Rights Advocate unanimously said VOTE NO on both. More information on the Split Tax in November https://advocacy.calchamber.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2020-Business-Issues-Taxation-Split-Roll-Battle.pdf

The second theme were people highlighting the brilliant President we have in Donald Trump! We heard from Stephanie Myers an Hispanic adviser to President Trump on our military and our veterans. She supported President’s Trump record of hiring and appointing Hispanics to his cabinets. Tommy Knepper President and Co-founder of Infield Strategies. He revealed how President Trump’s marketing techniques has revolutionized the media and that same machinery has already begun to re-elect him for 4 more years! Joy Villa singer/songwriter models’ cloths stating "Make America Great Again". She highlighted President Trump’s commitment to all people! 

The last speaker was Bernard Kerick, the 40th Police commissioner of the New York City Police Department during 9/11. He declared America has never had a President, like Donald J. Trump, that would do whatever it takes to protect the Citizens of United States of America. He needs to be re-elected!

The third theme was membership.  They encouraged each person in the Clubs to have one new person join. We are starting a membership contest in March. Membership growth allows more people to help accomplish all that is necessary to turn California around. We aren’t just a place to meet and eat, but a place to be educated and help others understand the truth to deceptive propositions. The Membership drive is listed in our Membership Chairs Caroline Takahashi-Mc Donald's April newsletter article.


On Sunday I attended 2 workshops: Club Publicity & Leadership Development & Mentoring.


Federated leaders, we are billboards of hope that people need to see. This Club is filled with leaders that can educate new Republicans how to be strong and loving in speaking the truth about our values. Everyone recognizes that our President, our brand is working. We just need to come out. Consider making Business Cards and membership applications promoting our meetings and our ideas! I wore a patriotic outfit and my President name tag on Tuesday and had several people excited to talk with me about President Trump. Republicans are awakening in California, freedom from liberal ways is here, there are people excited to talk with me about President Trump. Republicans are awakening in California, freedom from liberal ways is here, there are people looking for hope! 

Leadership Development and Mentoring was the second workshop. This Club is filled with experienced wise, members! We are an incubator for new Republicans coming in regardless of their age or color. We have the experience to impart confidence and strength to assure they advance in their area of influence. This is the time to help one another, to accept our differences and to mentor out of love for the advancement of goodness. Republicans we have a lot to be proud of, let’s stand tall and be ready to help someone come into their fullness.

In front, CFRW Region 1 Director Annette DeModena, CFRW Region 2 Director Mary Ervin, Placer County Supervisor Elect, Suzanne Jones, our Director of Communications Janet Gardner and our
President Ana Mendez


JUNE 2011

What a great luncheon!  We had a very large turnout to hear from Assemblyman DeVore. 

Always a favorite with our membership,
Vice Chair of the California Republican Party
entertained as well as informed!



What a great start to the New Year!  It was an honor to have Murriel Oles, CFRW Northern Division President, install our new officers during our January General Luncheon Meeting.  I bet those who attended the Installation Ceremony learned something new - Murriel’s presentation was spicy!!

Dottie Linden (standing in for Treasurer Sue Scott), Murriel Oles (Installing officer), Janet Gardner (President), Margie DeRow (Financial Review Officer) , Marylou Colombo (Co-Recording Secretary), Beverlee Gross (Parliamentarian), Beverly Anderson (2nd Vice President), Mary Smothers (Co-Recording Secretary), TerriLyn Alexander (1st Vice President) and Claudia Dickerson (Corresponding Secretary)

There are more pictures from this event in the Members Only section under Photo Albums.





Holiday for Heroes
CFRW Northern Division Conference
in Concord, November 13-15, 2009

WOW!  Sacramento RWF was in the spotlight this weekend as we had many awards and nominations!  Nominated for Lady of Liberty Awards were Dottie Linden - Member of the Year, Hardest Working Member - Janet Gardner, and Most Enthusiastic - Karen Klinger.  We also recieved recognition of our Diamond Club Award, received a Circle of Excellence for Membership and 3rd Place in our category for New Member recruitment, and Honorable Mention in the CFRW Contest and Third Place in Northern Division's contest for our Newsletter.  Congratulations to everyone! Congratulations to Muriel Oles, President Elect of CFRW ND and the rest of the elected 2010 Board.  We look forward to an exciting year ahead!

A special thank you to President Liz Froelich for her 2 years of leadership and friendship.  Northern Division will be getting the Eagle for Membership and the Obelisk for most Diamond Award Clubs back- and all the ladies of the Sacramento RWF shouldbe proud of their contributions!

Check out www.cfrwnd.org for more information

WOW ! What a celebration of our 78th Anniversary!
The Sacramento Republican Women Federated had a wonderful celebration on June 10th. Joining us were representatives from most of our local legislators with warm wishes and thanks. We had Michelle Panos from Congressman Lungren’s Office, Bob Spiegel from Assemblyman Dave Cox’s Office, Vanessa McCarthy-Olmstead from Assemblyman Niello’s Office, Ted Wolter from Supervisor MacGlashan’s and Howard Schmidt from Supervisor Peters’ offices. 

We celebrated over 2000 hours of volunteer time, over 500 registered voters and donations of supplies and money to our troops and charities. It was also our privilege to recognize our members of 50+ years! Joining President Dottie Linden and 2nd Vice President Jac Beigel were Sadie Onnigian, Lola Brekke, and Avalon Hahn. Not able to join us was Ivey Adell Lambert who was out of town. 
How nice it was to see everyone who came to celebrate with us, including our guest speaker Dr. Charles Self aka Dr. History to tell us about what we need to continue doing into the future for our Republican Party.
Congratulations to all SRWF Members and a special thank you to our supportive legislators for the following recognition received at the Membership Celebration on June 10th:
  • Congratulations from Congressman Dan Lungren with a message honoring the members of SRWF for their years of hard work and dedication on behalf of the Republican Party.
  • Certificate of Recognition from Assemblyman Roger Niello for SRWF members’ years of dedication to the Republican Party along with a letter honoring our years of volunteering, registering voters, working for charities, supporting the troops and their families and spreading education on Republican Values.
  • Certificate of Recognition from Senator Dave Cox for SRWF members making “Many positive contributions to the Republican Party and our Community.”
  • Certificate of Recognition from Assemblyman Ted Gaines congratulating SRWF members for 78 years of service to the Republican Party.
  • A Resolution from Supervisors Roberta MacGlashan and Susan Peters proclaiming appreciation to SRWF for their exemplary efforts put forth to promote education and involvement in the political process and community.


For additional assistance, please email membership@sacramentorwf.org or president@sacramentorwf.org
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