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Supporting our Troops and their Families we would like to help the Defenders of Freedom in their Care Package Donation Drive March 25-26, 2011.  You can drop any of the below listed items off from 7am-7pm at Cal Expo or bring them to our March luncheon and our Military Appreciation Chair, Sandy Stultz will make sure the items get to the drop off site.  This is a list of the many items on the wish lists of soldiers that they collect and mail individually.

CDs + CD Fanny Packs, DVDs, Nose Spray, Eye Drops, Deodorant, Foot PowderWash rags, Feminine Hygiene Products, Hand Sanitizers (Waterless), Shoe insole cushions, Board Games, Mouthwash (Travel Size) Q-Tips (travel size), Batteries (lots of AA), Crossword Puzzles, Disposable Razors Tissues (individual), Beef Jerky, Hand Held Elect. Games, Toothbrushes, Toothpaste, Bug Spray, Cereal, Granola Bars, Baby Wipes, Socks (cushioned) Dental Floss, Popcorn (microwave), HairbrushesHand Lotion Nail Clippers, Oatmeal (instant), Soap, Shampoo Sunscreen, Coffee (instant), Powdered Drink Mixes, Pop Top Cans of food Tuna Kits Gum (no sticks), Candies (heat resistant), Twizzlers Tea Mix (sweet or tea bags)

To volunteer to work on one of these projects, contact either Mary Smothers 631-8499 smothers@softcom.net or Sharon Sanders 852-8236 sharpen321@aol.com





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